Spring Break Adventures, sex on the beach

My last Spring Break of college came, at long last. My fifth and final semester of university had so far been my busiest yet, and I really needed the chance to get away from campus.

A couple things had taken place since August. Chassidy had graduated back in December, and thankfully I had managed to talk her out of me knocking her up- I’m still not sure what the hell came over her to make her want that before entering a stable marriage. After she’d graduated, she took up a job back home.

Lyndsey, meanwhile, had become a regular visitor to my bedroom, and was fully aware of the . . . beneficial . . . relationships I had with Chassidy and Heather. She didn’t seem to mind, nor did either of the other two girls. Lucky me.


Additionally, Brent and Claire had a bad break up just before Christmas break. A complete shocker for everyone who knew them, considering they’d been going strong for nearly six years. They would eventually make up and start dating again not long after me and Brent graduated the following May, but the fiasco hit my best bud pretty hard all the same.

Which leads to our Spring Break. We’d already had it planned out since the previous August that me, Brent, and Devin would go to Panama City Beach to blow off some steam. What with Brent and Claire being over (even if only for the moment, not that we knew), me and Devin were determined to help him find a few girls who’d relieve some of the weight on his shoulders, while getting laid ourselves. Odds on, we’d run into some girls looking to fuck as it is, so we were optimistic about our chances.

We didn’t have to wait too long.

The moment all three of us were done with classes the Friday Spring Break started on, we were packed up and on the way down to PCB, arriving at our condo a little after nine that night. The condo we were at makes a lower-cased “n” shape when viewed from above, with the two “legs” of the “letter” reaching towards the Gulf waters. Our room, on the eighth floor, was situated in the eastern “leg,” close to the northern section, with the balcony not only giving a decent view of the pool below and the Gulf beyond, but also placed close enough to the rooms located on the northern section that we could have a nice little chat with their occupants if we so wanted.

Which is exactly how we met the first group of girls we’d be having fun with this week. Right after breakfast Saturday morning, me and Devin went out on the balcony after putting on our swim shorts, while Brent was still inside getting ready himself.

Our neighbors on the northern section were all out on their balcony as well. The moment we got a good look at them, me and Devin shared a look that said “jackpot” without the need for words.

Four black girls stood chatting and scrolling on their phones. All of them had flowing dark hair that went down to the shoulder for one and somewhere between the chest and ass for the other three, along with clearly fit and toned bodies that they boldly displayed in their primary colored bikinis.

Each one seemed to have highlighted their hair a different color. Hard to tell since they’re sitting in the shadows, but one seems to have blue highlights that match her bikini- she’s the tallest and darkest skinned girl, also has D cup boobs and the shortest hair. Two others are clearly twins, looking at their lovely heart shaped faces, and the only way to tell them apart was their highlights- even their tits seemed to be exactly the same B cup size and they’re both wearing green swimsuits: purple hair for one, green for the other. The last girl, who’s standing at the railing, seems to be related to the twins, as she also has a heart shaped face and similarly sized breasts, but her nose seems to be shaped differently, and she has red highlights along with her canary yellow bikini.

Me and Devin look back over at these girls and flash a smile as they take notice of us. All four of them stop talking as they look us over, their eyes lingering on our six packs. They meet our eyes again and return our smiles.

The girl with the red hair speaks as me and Devin both lean against the balcony railing.

“Hey, boys,” she says in a flirty, sing-song voice. Looks like we’ve already got her approval.

“Hey, there,” I say, while Devin goes with, “How’s it going?”

“We’re good,” Red says. “Just got here yesterday, looking for a looong break.”

“Hey, same with us,” Drew pipes up. “We’ll be here all this week, too.”

The other three girls get up from their chairs and lean on the railing, just like Red-haired girl, all of them looking at us with interest.

I hear the door open behind us and turn to see Brent stepping out onto the balcony in his swim shorts. He notices the girls, who all smile at him, too. He gives a small grin and wave in return.

“And how you doin’, handsome?” Green-haired twin directs her question to Brent, taking in the sight of him. Blue-haired girl bends down to whisper in Red-haired girl’s ear, but I’m pretty sure I hear her say the word “sexy.”

Brent quietly says he’s doing okay. Well, he’s telling part of the truth. He’s doing better. But “okay” still feels like a bit of a stretch.

“You guys ’bout to head down?” Purple-haired twin asks, her eyes also locked on Brent’s. Seems like Devin and I’s job will be easier than we thought.

I nod. “Yeah. Wanna go down with us?” The girls agree. We’ll meet at the elevators, which should be close to their door. We all say ‘see you in a sec’ and walk back through our rooms and then leave.

As we step out of our room, I say to the guys, “I got dibs on the girl with red highlights.”

Devin quickly speaks up as Brent opens his mouth. “I got Blue hair girl.” We both look at Brent. He looks back at us, and we can’t help but grin.

“Did y’all plan that?” he slowly asks.

“No,” I say, truthfully, too. I expected Devin to go for the twins. Wouldn’t be the first time he’s managed that, as we all remember from our sophomore year of college. He had those two blue eyed blonds hooked on him for weeks back then.

I gently elbow Brent. “C’mon, take the twins. They were staring at you more than either one of us as it was. Go on, Brent. You deserve to hammer a couple hot girls during spring break.” He doesn’t answer, but the look in his eyes reveals that he is considering it.

Sure enough, all four girls are standing at the elevators, and they positively glow with welcoming smiles when we walk up to them.

I get a funny feeling we weren’t the only ones talking about who we wanted to cozy up to, and that great minds must really think alike. As we say hello to the girls, everyone seems to move as though they rehearsed this encounter. Devin and the blue haired girl walk straight up to each other, the twins both accost Brent- who’d been moving in their direction as I expected- and I meet with the red-haired girl. Hell yeah.

She wraps her arms around my neck as though we were old friends, and I reply in kind, squeezing her oh so tightly, as if I was about to take Chassidy or Heather. She giggles in enjoyment.

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Everyone breaks apart, almost at the same time.

“So,” the girl I’m with says, tracing her hand down my arm and to my waist and looking me up and down. “I’m Jasmine, but you can call me Jazz, errybody does. My two cousins here,” (she points to the twins, first green haired, then purple haired) “are Brianna and Ladaysha, and this is Celia,” she says as she indicates the tall girl with blue highlights. “And what’s your name, tiger?” Jazz purrs to me, her hands rubbing my shoulders.

“I’m Scott,” I reply, then Brent and Devin introduce themselves just as the elevator arrives and we all pile in and head down to the lobby. The girls are getting real cozy with us. Celia’s running her hands up and down Devin’s torso, both of the twins have attached themselves to Brent, and Jazz has positioned herself in front of me and is leaning back into my arms, her ass pressed against my crotch and her arms holding my hands to her abs.

I get the feeling me and Devin weren’t the only ones in this elevator looking for a good time with the opposite sex.

As we head down, Celia speaks. “So where are y’all from?” We tell her we’re from Georgia and are attending the same college. The twins share a smile when they find out Brent’s played wide receiver on the football team.

“What about you lovely ladies?” I ask them.

The elevator opens up and we leave as Jazz answers. “Pine Bluff, Arkansas. Not far from Little Rock.” She rubs her butt side to side against me. Somehow I don’t get rock hard right off the bat, but the erection is slowly starting.

“I’ve got no clue where either place is, but okay,” Brent says, and everyone chuckles.

LaDaysha answers this. “It’s kinda to the southeast of the state.”

When we get out on the sand, we all place down our towels in a rare open space just a few yards away from the water’s highest point: while PCB isn’t as crowded or wild as it had been in previous years, it is Spring Break for a lot of colleges and schools so there still isn’t a whole lot of room on the shore to claim for ourselves. Once we do get some room, and secure our things there, though, we head straight out into the chilly water, going until we’re a little over waist deep, then we get back to talking to learn more about each other.

Once waist deep, we all squat down until the water’s up to our necks, I notice that Devin and Brent’s girls sidle up real close to them, just as Jazz turns me to face her. With a smile, she wraps her arms around my neck, and her leg around my waist, bringing our private regions right up to each other. Our lips meet. Not long after that, I introduce my tongue to her’s. Our passionate kissing, along with the frequent rubbing going on between us under the water, quickly leads us into excitement: I’m rock hard, and I can feel Jazz’s heat emanating from her pussy.

I’m not quite sure how long me and Jazz made out, but when we stopped for a breather, we’d drifted a bit further out from shore and to the east of our condo. Our little posse has spread out, all of us at least thirty yards or so apart from each other. Devin and Celia, who are the closest to us and a bit further out in the water, wave to us before turning back to each other. Brent and the twins are closer to shore. He seems to be glued at the lips with Ladaysha, while Brianna is holding onto him from behind, kissing away at his shoulders and neck.

I’m not sure what part of his body she’s holding onto, though.

Jazz laughs. “That one’s Brent, right?” she asks me. When I nod, she continues, in a whisper as a couple of kids around the age of ten or so float by, “Brianna’s gonna make him nut before we even get back up to the room. I just know she’s jacking him off.” As Jazz says this, she turns to look at me before glancing down.

“And speaking of jacking off. . .”

My suspicions were correct.

Jazz removes one hand from my shoulders and trails it down my chest and abs, then pauses at my swim shorts. A couple seconds later, her hand continues downwards, and she strokes my hardened member through the fabric. I can’t help but groan.

“You like that, Scott?” she whisper in my ear. I can only nod.

Jazz removes her hand and rubs my six pack for a moment, then slides her hand down again. This time, she actually reaches into my shorts and takes a firm hold of me once more. I gasp and involuntarily make a humping motion, then reach down to grab onto her ass and hold on for dear life.

Jazz steers us until we’re positioned to where she’s looking back at the shore over my shoulder, while I’m looking out to sea. Probably to make it less likely that people will see my face as I react to the glorious hand job.

She REALLY knows her stuff, focusing her attention mostly on my balls and frenulum, usually gently scratching at the latter with a fingernail before grasping and yanking on me again.

I grit my teeth and groan. “Jazz, let’s wait till we’re back up at the rooms.” She merely shushes at me and jacks me off at a faster rate.

In less than two minutes, the pressure builds to unbearably high levels. Jazz makes out with me again to prevent me from making too much noise as my balls twitch and relieve themselves of their load into the Gulf water.

“Y-you couldn’t have wa-waited, either?” I ask her between breaths.

Jazz giggles and shakes her head. “Scott, anything my cousins can do for Brent, I can do for you, and better.”

I laugh and nod. “I believe you. Now, let’s turn around. It’s your turn,” I say, bringing a hand up from her butt to her tummy. She beams at me and obeys.

I slip my hand down under her clothing and rub at her sex. To my delight, I find she’s already fairly turned on; I can tell just by how she’s exuding more heat than just a few minutes earlier. Jazz lets out a sigh and leans back into me, laying her head on my shoulder. She playfully nibbles on my earlobe as I slowly work my hand across her pussy lips and clit.

“Mmmm,” Jazz moans. She does that repeatedly, and more frequently as I ease her up to climax. As she gets close, I stick two fingers right up into her, almost immediately finding her g-spot. At this point, she can’t help but gasp and make a few “oh!” exclamations, so I have to cover her mouth. I glance around to see if anyone sees Jazz’s spastic motions or hears her cumming. Devin and Celia are heading this way, and are grinning widely at the sight of Jazz’s spasm-inducing euphoria. She goes limp in my arms.

“Having fun you two?” Celia giggles.

“Well, yeah,” I reply. Jazz can only nod her head, a look of dreamy bliss in her eyes.

Brent and the twins come wading over. For a couple hours, all our group does in chit chat for a while, just everyone getting to know each other a little more.

Jazz and her twin cousins just graduated high school last year, and had been track stars on campus for the past few years. Ladaysha is going to keep running track in college on a scholarship. Celia, meanwhile, graduated college two years ago- and a year early, no less- and was involved in engineering.

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The conversation comes to a stop when my stomach growls loudly. Everyone smirks. Even an Asian couple swimming by snort in amusement.

“Let’s go up and get lunch, shall we?” Jazz offers, to everyone’s agreement.

We all go up to the girls’ room, where they make PB and J sandwiches for us and themselves. We all sit in the living room area for a while as we eat and chat, in addition to watching the MTV show “Ridiculousness” on TV.

After a while, though, an air of restlessness seemed to fill the room. Although no one mentioned it, we all knew that the high-jinks we’d all been up to down in the Gulf water was just round one. And the girls were all ready for round two, judging by how physical they are showing affection for us.

Celia and Devin eventually disappear into the master bedroom together. We can hear the bed creaking as they have at each other. Meanwhile, I put my hand under Jazz’s bikini top to rub and feel her boobs, as she in turn reaches into my shorts to fondle my balls.

Brent and the twins seem very preoccupied with each other, as he goes back and forth between the two of them to make out and grope.

It doesn’t look like they’ll be going anywhere anytime soon, so I whisper in Jazz’s ear: “Let’s go to your bedroom.” She smiles and nods, then leads me there.

Once in, Jazz closes the door behind me. I sit down on the bed and pull off my shorts, revealing my erect cock to her.

“Mmm,” she breathes, slowly pulling her bikini top off as she steps in front of me. Her beautiful brown breasts jiggle around, and I take them into my hands again. Jazz smiles lazily, then goes down onto her knees. I lean back to let her do her thing.

Jazz takes my penis with one hand. While stroking it, she takes the time to suck on each of my balls, first one, then the other, and rinse repeat.

“Oh,” I groan. Then I take in a sharp breath- Jazz just licked at the area between my balls and ass crack. Now she’s trailing her tongue up my genitals, up my shaft, and takes me into her mouth, all the way. I’m pretty sure my cockhead is somewhere in her esophagus; at least, that’s what it feels like.

Jazz bobs her head on my dick, slowly at first, then ups the tempo. She seems to like going back and forth between fast-paced and painstakingly slow. The pressure builds.

“Jazz, I’m about to blow,” I whisper. I grab her by the hair and pull her off and stand up. I pick her up and throw her on the bed; she squeals delightedly.

Now I’m on my knees, my head between her legs as I get to work orally pleasuring her. As she gets close to her climax, I add a couple fingers to the mix, rubbing at her g-spot with them as I tongue her clit and lips.

“OH!” Jazz exclaims, bringing her head up before dropping back down. She grabs a painfully tight hold on the back of my head with both of her hands, pressing me into her crotch and thrusting up with her hips, making it hard to breathe. Her flower forcefully ejects multiple blasts of her fluids straight into my mouth, up my nose, and all over my face and neck.

Jazz passes out for a couple of minutes. I take the time to sit on the side of the bed next to her and catch my breath. In the distance, I hear one of the twins moaning; she’s saying Brent’s name over and over.

She eventually comes to. Jazz looks up at me dreamily and smiles. “Boy, Scott, you done wore me the fuck out. I may not be ready for your dick.”

“I’m ready for your pussy though,” I say. I drag her limp little frame further up the bed, then flip her over onto her stomach and spread her legs. She giggles appreciatively again as I straddle her at the waist.

I pause to take the sight in, thinking of how I’ve never taken a girl in this position before. It’s only now, at this point, that I realize what’s special about this occasion. She’s my first black girl.

I smack each of her butt cheeks, making Jazz moan, then I spread them apart and lower myself into her expectant pussy.

“Ooooooohh,” Jazz breathes out, bringing her head back up as I ease deeper and deeper into her sacred entrance.

Goodness, she feels so good. I get balls deep in her and hold myself there, as she lays her head back down, resting her left cheek on the bed. She looks up at me with one eye.

I kiss her on the cheek, then place my mouth right at her ear. I whisper to her again.

“I’m gonna cum inside you, Jazz.” I tug on her crimson hair to enforce this.

I say it as a statement. Normally I’d ask for permission when I’m with Heather or Lyndsey, (I don’t need permission from Chassidy) but I feel like making it a statement this time, not a question.

Maybe it’s stereotypical- an interracial hookup ending with an insemination- but it’s what I wanted to do. Hell, for a guy who doesn’t plan on becoming a dad anytime soon, filling my partners up is all I ever really want to do.

In any case, all Jazz has to do is say no and I will pull out. She looks like an expert at taking facials.

However, Jazz simply laughs and smiles. “I wouldn’t have it any other way, Scott,” she replies, reaching back with a hand to grab my ass for a moment.

I slide my cock almost all the way out of her, leaving just the tip inside, then stroke my way back into her. I continue to do this slowly, warming her up; she’s loving it, judging by the “ooh, yes” and “mhm, fuck” sounds she keeps saying.

I start plowing into her. Now she’s “oh”-ing loudly, even though she’s biting onto the bed’s covers to muffle it, and the bed creaks and shakes with every thrust.

The speed does work against me a bit. Every now and then, I stroke so fast that my dick comes all the way out, and I have to reposition myself to get back inside her before continuing. On maybe the fourth time this happens, though, I get an idea.

Just as I’m sliding my head back into her womanhood, I glance at her ass hole. I pull away and lean down, then spit a glob of saliva on what’s supposed to be an exit and not entrance.

Jazz raises her head questioningly. As she turns to see what I’m doing, she freezes and gasps as I push my mushroom head into her ass.

Well, I’ve already had a couple of firsts today. Might as well fuck a girl in the ass for the first time, too.

Jazz moves, getting into doggy-style position. “Go easy, Scott. I’ve never been buttfucked,” she says.

I slowly push further in, making Jazz grunt. Geez, and I thought pussies were tight.

“Ah!” Jazz flinches, clawing at the edge of the bed. I hear her take another sharp breath as I squeeze further in. “Oh! Oh, Scott!” It hurts her, but she clearly doesn’t want to stop.

I stop halfway inside her; she probably can’t take anymore than that. I hold still for a few seconds, resting on an elbow while stroking her hair with my other hand. Jazz’s legs are shivering.

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“C’mon, Scott. Do it, fuck my ass,” Jazz moans. I oblige, pulling back almost all the way out before sliding back in.

Jazz starts to slowly relax, even backing her ass up on me as I thrust forward to take more of me in. We don’t get to the point where we’re having ass-clapping, ball-smacking anal sex. Partially because she can’t take me as fast as I want to fuck her, partially because my nut is rising up from the depths.

“Oh, Jazz, I’m gonna cum,” I groan. I pull out of her ass and she lays down and rolls over, spreading her legs wide to accept me back into her pussy.

“Do it, Scott,” Jazz pants, her voice rising as I thrust as fast as I possibly can. “Oooh, put your fucking cum inside me! Do it! AH! Cum for me!” Her excitement tips her over the edge and she cums again, screaming. She meets my thrusts with some of her own, and unwraps her legs around me, letting them spasm in the air above us.

Her pussy is squeezing me oh so hard. Mere seconds after Jazz’s orgasm begins, so does mine.

“ARGH! I’m cumming, Jazz!” I yell victoriously, giving one last thrust and holding myself all the way inside her as the first jet of cum breaks free from my cock. We’re cumming at the same time, her ladyhood milking my tool until I am empty of seed.

I crash down on top of Jazz, the both of us severely short of breath. I’m pretty sure I pass out; either way, I eventually find the strength to get up off of Jazz, who definitely did pass out as well, for the second time in mere minutes.

I climb up off the bed and glance down at my soft cock. It’s covered in a bit of blood, which had to have come from Jazz’s butt, and a good deal of both her pussy and my dick’s fluids. I see even more of the same mixture leaking out of Jazz’s flower.

I decide to clean up while waiting on her to regain consciousness. The bathroom is down the hallway, back towards the main living room. I tip toe out.

As I reach the door to the bathroom, I hear grunts and moans from the living room. I have a good view of the room from where I stand, but it takes me a moment to spot two pairs of legs, one dark, one pale, peeking out from behind the coffee table. Another dark pair legs lay next to the other two.

I duck into the bathroom and get some toilet tissue. I sneak over to get a better view of the action as I clean myself off.

Brent’s laying on top of Ladaysha, who’s egging him on to the big finish. Brianna is next to them, panting and moaning as she rubs herself and watches her twin sister getting drilled. Her pussy shows the obvious signs of having been penetrated as well.

Suddenly, Brent takes one last thrust into Ladaysha and goes still. He groans loudly and I can see from here that his balls are twitching. He’s seeding her.

But Brent surprises me by pulling out after a couple of seconds. He crawls over to Brianna, his member still spurting away all over the twins. Brianna spreads her legs and accepts the rest of my best friend’s load in her slit with a smile. Ladaysha, meanwhile, fingers some of her portion out of her love canal, puts it in her mouth and swallows.

I turn around and walk back down the hall to Jazz’s room, laughing silently to myself. In just a few hours, Brent has gone from pining over Claire to screwing two complete strangers at the same time, something he wasn’t likely to do even back in high school.

Jazz is awake as I walk in, smiling dreamily up at the ceiling and rubbing her clit. It’s quite a sight, seeing this beautiful black girl lying in bed naked and loaded up with my cum.

She looks at me and her smile widens.

“Mmhmm, Scott. You’ve gone and done worn me out.”

I lay next to her and we share a kiss. I take one of her tits in my hand and play with her nipple. “You wore me out, too. I actually passed out after we came together.”

I’m starting to get hard again at this point, so I lay back and tell Jazz to get on top of me. She does, a little clumsily, then gracefully impales herself on my pole. Her legs shudder and her vag tightens around me briefly.

Jazz starts bouncing up and down on me, very fast. Every now and then she’ll stop and grind back and forth, squeezing my cock as she does. She has not one, but two orgasms along the way.

I spend the time fondling her breasts and spanking her ass. Before long, I’ve left a bright red handprint on each of her butt cheeks.

Just as I’m getting close, I wrap my arms around Jazz and roll us over so I’m on top. Instead of letting my instinctive urge take over, I pull out and stand up next to the bed, stroking myself. Jazz positions herself to where her head is hanging over the edge, then opens her mouth wide and sticks her tongue out, just in time to catch the first streamer of sperm flying out of my cock. I blast the rest of my load all over her face, neck, and chest, and make sure some gets in her mouth.

Not long after finishing round two, I hear Devin call my name through the open door. I walk out and head to the living room, Jazz close on my heels even though she has to walk side to side, and still has my nut all over her face.

Everyone’s in the living room, unashamedly naked. Me and the guys hold a quick conference, and agree to thank the girls by taking them out on the town tonight for dinner and drinks before coming back so they can spend the night with us. With that said, we say goodbye to the girls for now, get our swim shorts back on and gather our towels and head back to our room. We’ll be getting ready to meet up with the girls again in a couple of hours.

To end things off, we ended up spending every day and night of Spring Break accompanied by Celia, Jazz, and her cousins. I’m amazed that we never got any noise complaints, as I quickly learned how to push Jazz’s buttons to ensure she undergoes ear-splitting orgasms. However, the end of Break came all too soon, and we had to return to our college while the girls went back to Arkansas.

About a week or so after classes started back, Jazz found and sent me, Brent, and Devin friend requests on Facebook, same with the other three girls. Judging by photos they’d uploaded not long before I began writing this out, they’re all still in good shape, and definitely no baby bumps for any of them, even though it’s been a few months since our trysts, long enough for them to be really showing had any of them got knocked up.

An idea that me and Jazz have passed back and forth between each other is to plan a special PCB getaway sometime in the near future, one that me, her, Devin, and Celia can all go on. Hopefully it does take place. I’d most assuredly look forward to waking up next to her once again.

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