The seduction of a sweet, loving neighbor continues

The following day found Linda making sure she didn’t come out pregnant (ahem, morning after pill) and assuring herself she wouldn’t end up with another bun in the oven (birth control pills). She decided she’d keep this her little secret as she found that the thought of breeding her excited Robert quite a bit. (Read prev story A sweet loving wife is seduced by her neighbor)

Days came and went and Linda went about her usual business, tending to her house, her kids, her husband and keeping up with her exercise regime. She noticed that Robert was almost always out in his yard watering the grass when she went out for her daily walk. They both acted normal and greeted each other as before, although Robert could swear he saw a little extra pep in her step. He wasn’t mistaken. It was for his viewing pleasure.

Linda spent the days after the encounter replaying “the incident” in her mind not realizing she had a big shit-eating grin on her face. She felt so alive… sexy, desired and yet filthy and dirty at the same time. She was putting a lot on the line and Robert had videotape evidence. He could blackmail her if he wanted to, but she decided right there and then that he wouldn’t have to. She’d do anything he asked her to do. Little did she know her boundaries and morals would be put to the test.


Robert spent his days reliving his conquest. He had lusted after Linda for months and she was finally his for the taking. It hadn’t taken much to bring out the inner slut in her. He expected more of a challenge but everything played out in his favor. He’d tested her will by ordering her to walk home topless and the bitch had done it without hesitation. He knew then that she was his.

He had the video as leverage, but he suspected he wouldn’t have to use it or at least not until he really tested her will. He was going to use her and push her to the brink, eventually cuckolding her husband. He had plans for her… hot, nasty plans. He would do with her what he wouldn’t dare do with his own sweet wife.

Robert was hatching his plan and getting ready for Wednesday. It seemed an eternity before it rolled around again; he wondered if Linda was anticipating it as much as he was. Around 10:00 am Wednesday morning, Robert came knocking at her door and Linda, as a form of payback, let him sweat it out a bit. She let him ring a few times although she was dying to answer the door. She’d decided earlier to throw caution to the wind and present herself to Robert completely naked.

She opened the door and Robert was taken aback by her bravado. The message was loud and clear… this NILF was ready for some serious fucking. He purposely stood at her door taking in her beauty, but also exposing her lovely nude body to the world. She stood proud at first, but when Robert took his time admiring her beauty with the door fully ajar she began to feel conscientious and apprehensive.

Robert whistled at her and motioned for her to take a spin. By this time Linda had lost her nerve as Robert was in no hurry to shut the door. She was afraid of getting caught. He was going to make her sweat it out. She finished her pirouette and invited him to come in. He shook his head and gave her a low cat whistle.

“Good morning. You look like you’re ready for my cock.”

Linda smiled and nodded. She was definitely ready for some hot action. He instructed her to kneel and take his cock out. The front door remained opened and they were just inside the entryway as Robert moved sideways. Now Linda was on full display to any passersby.

She asked him to close the door, which irritated Robert. He shook his head and in a firm tone said, “I told you to get on your knees and worship my cock you fucking cunt. Don’t make me repeat myself.”

His harsh words made her uneasy but she knew she’d upset him and that’s the last thing she intended to do. She nodded and fell to her knees. Her jugs jiggling as she maneuvered to unzip his pants and whip out his thick cock. Robert threw his head back as he felt Linda’s mouth encircle his dick taking in a few inches before gagging.

She pulled back and soon was in a steady rhythm, bobbing up and down without a care in the world. Robert felt it was enough risking getting caught so he closed the front door.

He grabbed her by the hair and pulled up causing her to look up. Doggone, she looked beautiful with his cock in her mouth. His smile brought a feeling of warmth and appreciation to Linda and she put forth more effort in pleasing her lover.

Alas, Robert had other plans. He pulled her up and kissed her. Gingerly at first, cradling her face in his manly hands but his desire and passion for Linda intensified and soon he was making love to her mouth with his tongue.

She was lost in the animalistic lust; this treatment set her fuckhole on fire. Robert ran his hands down to her ass and brought her body in to his as he kneaded her ass globes, spreading them apart rubbing and tickling her asshole. She relished the new sensations brought about having her ass played with.

She was holding on to Robert moaning into his mouth letting him know she was his. He broke the kiss and smacked her lovingly on her ass. He ordered her to run and get dressed and told her specifically to wear a mini skirt, a white wife beater shirt and slutty heels and no underclothing. The thought both excited and frightened her as she contemplated what he had in mind.

About twenty minutes later, Linda made her way downstairs scantily clad looking like a two-bit whore. She’d taken the time to put on some dramatic eye make up and red lipstick. She stood at the bottom of the stairs with a big smile, her hands on her hips waiting anxiously for Robert’s approval. He looked at her, nodded and said, “Perfect. You look like a cheap whore”.

Her smile disappeared. She was about to say something when the doorbell rang. Robert gave her a quizzical look, and she shrugged her shoulders and gave him a look of uncertainty.

Robert walked over to her and whispered, “No one must know I’m here. Get rid of whoever it is.” He left and hid himself in the kitchen.

Having momentarily forgotten her state of dress, Linda marched over to the door and flung it open somewhat annoyed at the interruption. There before her was a policeman, Sgt. Miller as his badge showed. He was a handsome gentleman about six feet tall, dirty blonde hair, sea green eyes and a fit body. Her quick assessment and the fact that she was a sucker for men in uniform made her sizable tits stand at attention.

Linda’s erect nipples were quite noticeable as Sgt. Miller eyed her up and down with a look of total disgust. He asked for the man of the house in a brusque tone, and she told him he was at work. The question irritated Linda and she asked rather defiantly what the purpose of his visit was.

He shook his head and said, “My name is Sgt. Karl Miller. We received a call about a prostitution ring in this neighborhood and from the looks of it I’ve got the right house. May I come in?”

Linda took offense to his comment and said, “How dare you! I am not a prostitute and I resent your insinuation.”

Sgt. Miller, displaying annoyance with her attitude responded, “Listen, madam,” (The double meaning of the word was not lost on Linda either.) “I’m just doing my job. We have complaints of suspicious activity at this address, particularly on Wednesdays. Men have been seen coming and going throughout the day. You either allow me to come in and investigate or I’ll have to call for back up. I’ll have about twenty police cars out here faster than you can say, ‘that’ll be $20 bucks’. Which will it be?”

Linda knew she definitely did not want to call attention to herself, so she lowered her head and stepped aside allowing Sgt. Miller in her house. The officer again gave her a look over and shook his head in disgust. She felt so ashamed and judged. How did she end up here? She was just a housewife, a respectable housewife.

His voice brought her back. “Madam, what is your name,” he asked. She gave him her full name. He asked her for more personal information, her husband’s name, place of employment, phone number, etc. She cooperated fully, still annoyed at the intrusion and also fearful that her tryst with Robert had been witnessed and reported.

She told Sgt. Miller that she’d done nothing wrong and that the allegations were false. She assured him there was no prostituting going on in her home. He assured her that he was not making any judgments until he finished a thorough investigation. He asked her if anyone else was in the house.

Linda’s eyes widened. Robert had given her implicit instructions; no one should know he was there. She was caught between lying to the police officer and risking getting caught and her loyalty to her lover. She opted for the latter and shook her head, no. Sgt. Miller informed her that he would have to search the house as part of his investigation. He explained that in accordance with standard procedure he was going to restrain her for both their safety.

Linda assured him that was not necessary. The officer was annoyed and in a more stern voice said, “Madam, I don’t believe I asked you if you felt it was necessary. I don’t feel safe with your type, and I’m going to restrain you so that I can do my job to the best of my ability. If you resist, I will have to call for back up. Now extend your arms palms down so I can secure you.”

Linda felt terrified at this turn of events. She also wondered if Robert was going to make his presence known and perhaps rescue her from this situation. She had no choice but to put her hands out so Sgt. Miller could restrain her.

Upon cuffing her he ordered her to turn around facing the wall while bringing her cuffed hands up against the wall. She did so, and he proceeded to spread her legs with his feet. This put Linda in a very compromising and vulnerable position. Her miniskirt did little to cover her luscious ass and she wore nothing underneath. Sgt. Miller stepped back and admired the view. She was beautiful and he could see right where her ass cheeks started. He knew that he had complete control of Linda and he was gong to take full advantage.

Linda had tears streaming down her face; she felt so helpless and defenseless. At that moment she hated Robert for not rescuing her. But she also realized if Robert made his presence known she’d be in deeper trouble with the law and with her husband.

She heard the officer tell her not to move as he made his way about the house beginning with the downstairs area. She hoped Robert had been able to leave the premises using the back door. She chastised herself for thinking of Robert’s safety when he had no concern over hers. It was too much for her to process so she closed her eyes.

Robert was sitting at the table drinking a cup of coffee when Karl made his way to the kitchen. They smiled when they saw each other. Unbeknownst to Linda, Robert and Karl were longtime friends. They played in a baseball league together. Robert had mentioned Linda to Karl and told him what a total slut she was and that she would be up for pretty much anything. He then offered to share her with his friend so together they formed a plan.

Robert wanted her used and humiliated and he knew Karl was just the guy to do that. He had an aggressive personality and a stale marriage, thanks to his profession. Robert felt that Karl’s sexless marriage would guarantee him buying into his plan of using Linda and he wasn’t mistaken. Karl loved the idea.

They chatted for a bit in the kitchen, making Linda sweat it out. They agreed Karl would go back out to the living room and start the humiliation and Robert would film the action with his digital camera, undetected.

Linda heard Sgt. Miller returning to the living room and she opened her eyes just as he reached her. He told her he’d found nothing downstairs. She breathed a sigh of relief and meekly said, “I told you…” but her sentence was cut short as Karl grabbed her by the hair and sneered in a hushed, menacing voice, “Shut the fuck up you dirty cunt. I’m not done with my investigation.”

She was frozen in fear. His demeanor changed as he continued his verbal assault, “Cheap sluts like you give housewives a bad name. You want me to believe you’re innocent and yet you display yourself so wantonly. Your pathetic husband probably doesn’t know you’re fucking every Tom, Dick and Harry. Now I’m going to tell you once more… shut the fuck up.”

Linda was trembling with fear. She felt him breathing on her neck as his hands descended on her waist.

She pleaded softly, “Please don’t,” as tears rolled down her cheeks. She was trembling with fear.

Karl snickered and in a mocking tone said, “Don’t flatter yourself you skank. I personally wouldn’t touch you with a ten-foot pole, but I’m obligated by my job to do a thorough pat down as part of the investigation. I need to make sure you have no weapons, drugs paraphernalia or drugs on or in your person. Stay still and don’t move unless I tell you. Understood?” Linda nodded her head.

From her waist, Sgt. Miller moved his hands upward bringing with him the bottom of the wife beater shirt. He exposed her midsection taking his time as he ran his hands around her tight stomach. Linda tried to think of something else; she felt so vulnerable and the officer’s calloused fingers on her bare skin were igniting her passion. She could feel his hot breath on her neck and she thought she felt his body touch hers.

Sgt. Miller continued the pat down running his hands up her torso exposing more of her body as he made sure to inch her shirt upward. She swore she felt a slight push against her bottom as he made his way up to her chest. Suddenly, in one clean sweep her shirt was over her boobs. Sgt. Miller took his sweet time positioning the front of her shirt over her exposed tits. He purposely ran his hands back down to her stomach gently massaging her midsection as his hands made his way up again.

His strong touch and his manly scent sent Linda over the edge and she tried to stifle an orgasm; alas, she couldn’t keep it hidden. Her body convulsed lightly as she whimpered biting her lower lip. He knew his touch was turning her on but he was playing his part well. In a very harsh, hushed tone he reminded her to stay still whilst rubbing his crotch lightly against her scantily clad ass. For a split second she silently begged Robert to come rescue her.

Sgt. Miller reached up and cupped her tits in his hands lifting them up, separating them and he took joy in bouncing them a bit in his gruff hands. He assured her he was only making sure she didn’t have any drugs or needles stashed under her tits as he pinched her hardened nipples. He squeezed and massaged her tits longer than necessary causing Linda to moan and whimper as his touch set her body on fire. She felt weak in the knees and fell forward against the wall pushing her ass against the cop’s crotch. He rubbed against her a tad bit harder intent on making her beg for his cock.

He brought his mouth to her ear and whispered, “I’m going to leave your tits exposed as I continue my search downward. Don’t you fucking move.” His closeness and hot breath against her skin kept her in a daze. He grabbed her waist rather forcefully and turned her around facing the couch causing her tits to jiggle. Linda could have sworn she saw movement out of the corner of her eye but she didn’t give it a second thought.

The officer kicked her legs open and pushed her upper torso down onto the sofa, forcing Linda to jut her ass outward with her face buried in the sofa. She heard Sgt. Miller mutter under his breath, “What the fuck? This bitch has no panties on.”

Things didn’t look good for her. With Linda in this awkward position, Robert could now come out of hiding to film the action up close. Karl gave Robert a thumb’s up and a big smile. His cock was straining to get out, but he had to follow through with Linda’s humiliation.

“You are one dirty mother, walking around dressed like a cheap streetwalker without panties. Do your kids know what you do? You are an embarrassment to your family.”

Linda started sobbing again. This man was making assumptions about her. He didn’t know her. But she also realized she was not giving him a good first impression.

In a muffled voice Linda pleaded, “No officer. I’m a respectable wife and mother. You don’t understand.”

He slapped her hard on her ass and instructed her to shut the fuck up. He said, “No respectable wife and mother would have her nasty whore ass up in the air, displaying herself to men. Now shut your piehole; not a peep and let me do my job.”

He knelt behind her taking in the sweet scent of her wet pussy as he placed both hands at her left ankle. He slowly and methodically ran his strong hands up her leg reaching her calve bringing his face close to her ass. He was breathing hard and was blowing at her dripping cunt causing Linda to shiver. He moved his hands upward reaching her thigh bringing his fingers mere inches from her snatch.

She was trying her damndest to not move and to think of something else as her mommy hole was reigniting. He could smell her arousal. It took all of him to not lick her. He ran his left hand up the front of her leg and the right hand up her ass cheek bringing with him the hem of her skirt. He flipped the skirt up above her waist totally exposing her ass. He purposely did not touch her hairy patch. He could feel her relaxing as her body began to betray her.

Sgt. Miller knew this position was uncomfortable and tiring for Linda so he was a bit quicker when he repeated the process with the right leg. Then he saw it, Linda’s juices running down the inside of her thigh and he knew that he had her.

Just when she thought Sgt. Miller was satisfied with not having found anything on her person, Linda felt his fingers on her vagina. She tried to get up, but he forced her down again. He slapped her hard on her ass and instructed her to stay still. Her pussy was sopping wet, which made it quite easy for Karl to insert one; two and ultimately three fingers.

Linda felt so violated yet she couldn’t control herself and started gyrating her hips and whimpering. Karl sawed his fingers in and out of Linda’s mommyhole getting her ready for what was to come. But he was also going to toy with her. He fingered her cunt for a strong half a minute. Then he suddenly stopped and in an angry tone informed her she had gotten her dirty, disgusting pussy juices all over his hand.

Robert had caught it all on tape, and Karl signaled to him that he was going to turn her over which was his cue to hide. Once Robert was videotaping the action from a safe place, Karl grabbed her from her hair and ordered her to lick her skanky juices off his hand.

She was in a daze still high from the fingering she’d received. He brought his dripping fingers to her face and she instinctively started licking them clean. He purposely sawed his fingers in and out of her mouth much like he’d done with her cunt. Linda worked hard to please him.

Upon finishing her chore she was told the cuffs were coming off but she would be blindfolded to keep her from making any sudden movements thus possibly endangering them both. She had no choice but to agree meekly. She was relieved to have the cuffs off as they were starting to hurt her.

Sgt. Miller instructed her to sit on the couch and remove her shirt. Linda gave up all resistance and did as she was told. Karl used the shirt to blindfold Linda. Once done, Robert came out of hiding to record the action up close and personal.

Linda sat topless still feeling high from the fingering she’d received. The first slap on her tit caught her by surprise. The sting made her yelp but she was quickly instructed to shut up. Karl repeatedly swatted both her tits alternatively causing her to squirm, but her body again betrayed her. It seemed the light pain on her sensitive tits caused her fuckhole to leak and soon another orgasm ripped through her body causing her to tremble uncontrollably. He smiled knowing full well she was enjoying the rough treatment. Just as Linda began to enjoy the sensations he informed her he was not done with the cavity check and instructed her to lay back, hook her arms under her knees and keep quiet. She did as she was told lying there on her couch being exploited by an officer of the law. And where was Robert? She assumed he’d indeed escaped and was safe in his home.

The sound of the zipper brought her back from her reverie. “What are you doing?” she asked.

“Don’t flatter yourself, stupid bitch. I’m removing my uniform so as to not get your nasty cunt juices all over it,” he snickered.

Soon Karl was naked and his rod was quite impressive. He was now ready and quite anxious to ram his cock deep in Linda’s mommy fuckhole but he kept cool. He moved his face close to Linda’s well-manicured pussy and started blowing into it causing her to whimper and ask what he was doing.

Sgt. Miller reached up, slapped her face and told her to shut the fuck up. The slap wasn’t hard, but it was strong enough to make her comply.

He again blew in and around her pussy and she couldn’t help but react. Her pussy was creaming and she longed to get fucked. When his tongue touched her clit Linda exploded in a massive orgasm mildly squirting Karl. That had never happened to her. And Robert caught it all on tape.

She was breathing hard and Karl lost all pretenses as he started devouring her cunt. Her moans and pleas egged him on and he licked and nibbled her sweet cunt and lapped her tasty juices. She let go of her legs and used both her hands to press his handsome face to her pussy voicing her pleasure begging him not to stop. Karl reached up and played with her tits taking her nipples between his thumb and forefinger and pinching causing her to moan with pain and pleasure.

“Oh please, I need your cock…. pleeeeeeeease!” she screamed.

Karl got up, grabbed her by her hair and sat her up bringing his hard cock to her mouth. She instinctively licked his bulbous head and licked up and down his eight inch, thick shaft. She reached out and cradled his jewels in her hand while running a finger down his scrotum making him moan in pleasure. He encouraged her to suck him calling her filthy, dirty names, which only served to fuel her passion.

She placed her hands on his waist momentarily for leverage, but liking what she felt she decided to explore his body running her soft hands over his six pack enjoying the feeling of his tight body. She brought her hands down to his ass massaging his globes and bringing him in closer causing him to drive his cock in her mouth making her gag. Karl pulled out while asking her “What’s the matter bitch, too much cock for you? I figured you’d be used to sucking cock. How much for the blowjob?” Linda kept sucking on his meat mumbling incoherently with her mouth full of cock.

He didn’t care to hear what she had to say. He was ready to ram his cock up her waiting twat. He removed his cock from her mouth pushing her back. He lifted her legs and fed her a couple inches of his thick meat. She felt his cock split right through her fuckhole and she liked what she felt.

“Oh fuck! Yes, fuck me!! Yes Officer, give me more… I need more of your cock. Fuck meeeeeee hard!!”

“Say my name, bitch!” Karl ordered.

“Please Sgt. Miller, fuck me. I need your cock. Oh fuck yes, I need more, more!!”

This brought a smile to his face. Karl obliged pulling back and them ramming his eight inches deep in her. She cried in ecstasy and started humping Karl sucking his cock with her pussy. She was truly fucking him. Karl was now on her, pounding into her, encouraging her to fuck him as he slapped her titties… and fuck she did. Robert had a front row seat to all the action and loved seeing his slut neighbor fuck his friend. This also assured him a great video.

But now Robert wanted in on the action so he set the camera on a tripod at a perfect angle and started undressing. Once naked he signaled Karl to remove Linda’s blindfold. It was time to reveal to her that she’d been tricked yet again. Linda kept her eyes closed even after the blindfold was removed and it was only when she felt something at her mouth that she opened her eyes seeing Robert standing over her with his cock at her mouth.

She was momentarily confused, lost in the sweet fuck Karl was giving her but she didn’t care. She opened her mouth and started sucking on Robert’s tasty cock. She reached out and massaged his balls. Karl and Robert hi-fived and gave Linda what she wanted… a great fuck.

She’d never enjoyed two cocks at once and she was indeed going to enjoy them. She sucked Robert’s cock without mercy wanting him to shoot his delicious cream deep down her throat and she was going to milk Karl’s cock and make him cum deep in her fertile cunt. She wasn’t sure if the birth control pills were already doing their job but at that moment she truly didn’t give a shit. Her pussy was doing all the thinking.

She worked her ass like a two-bit whore wrapping her long, sensual legs around Karl’s hard body digging her heels on his taut buttocks bringing him in deeper, trapping him.

Karl smiled but realized he was going to cum soon and he had mounted her bareback. “I’m gonna cum soon. I need to pull oooooout… ahhhhhhh!” Linda smiled around Robert’s cock. She wasn’t going to let him out if her life depended on it.

Robert instructed Karl, “Yeah you better pull out ’cause this cunt is fertile.”

Sgt. Miller slowed his thrusts and Linda worked her ass harder. She removed Robert’s cock from her mouth and said, “Nooooo, keep fucking me. Please cum deep in my mommy hole.” How could Karl deny her that pleasure?

He put some energy in his thrusts and soon was emptying his balls deep in Linda causing her to explode almost passing out. This caused Robert to flood her mouth and throat with his cum and grunt like a wild animal. Linda kept humping Karl and sucking Robert’s cock until everyone was satisfied.

She was spent as she lay on her couch freshly fucked. Karl and Robert sat with their heads thrown back relishing the moment. After a while, Karl caught his breath and said, “Wow, Bro, you weren’t kidding when you said this cunt was a firecracker,”

He leaned it massaging Linda’s tit then said, “You, my dear, are a great fuck. I know you’re not a prostitute but if you were ever to pimp your lovely ass you’d make yourself some serious cash.”

She just smiled and took the compliment. She opened her eyes and looked at Karl saying, “Thank you, officer. Coming from you, that’s quite a compliment. I hope you’re satisfied.”

She leaned back against the couch and closed her eyes as Karl and Robert both played with her tits. What was her life coming to? She had now cheated on her husband with two men, men who knew they could control her and make her do whatever they wished. It frightened her to think she was no longer in control. On the other hand she was totally excited by her new adventures and she realized that, no matter what the consequences would be, she desperately wanted… no needed, to continue on this new, erotic path. For the first time in a long time she felt alive!

They rested for a bit before Linda got down on her knees taking Sgt. Miller’s cock and licking the head as she looked up and smiled at him. He cracked a smile and shook his head. He leaned back and enjoyed Linda’s ministrations. She was a great cocksucker. She ran her tongue up and down his now hardening cock lapping up their fuck juices. It was quite intoxicating. His wife hadn’t given him this kind of treatment in years.

All she wanted at that precise moment was to please Sgt. Miller. Soon he was standing at attention. She couldn’t remember the last time her husband got hard this quick after cumming. The thought of her husband was quick and she quickly focused on the task at hand. She took his nutsack in her mouth and sucked it lightly bringing him total joy. He rested his head back, closed his eyes and enjoyed the sweet blowjob. She ran her hands up to his chest taking his hard nipples in her hands and pinching them lightly sending light, sensuous, tingling sensations straight to his cock. His pecs and biceps were so manly, so strong. She loved the feel. She felt him get harder, if that was even possible. He brought his hands to her head wrapping his hands in her hair orchestrating her up-and-down movements. They were both in heaven.

She made her way up… kissing, licking and nibbling at his body causing Karl to stir in excitement. She reached his face bringing her lips to his demanding he kiss her. He was only too happy to oblige. They devoured each other as Karl ran his hands all over her back and ass squeezing and kneading her cheeks, bringing her body to his rubbing his cock over her clit.

Robert sat back and enjoyed the hot scene before him. His hot lover couldn’t get enough cock. He saw as Sgt. Miller took her ass cheeks in his strong hands, massaging her and lasciviously opening her ass exposing her little brown hole. Robert felt his cock stirring as Karl aimed his hard cock at Linda’s dripping snatch. She took his cock one delicious inch at a time taking time to enjoy his man-meat.

Soon Linda was seductively sliding up and down Karl’s cock taking her tits in her hands and pinching her hard nips. Karl held on to her waist as she rode him so sexily moaning and whimpering.

Robert came up behind Linda and hugged her bringing her to him and replacing her hands with his on her tits. He squeezed, massaged and pinched her titties turning her face and bringing her lips to his. He kissed her tasting Karl and her mixed juices and he loved the taste.

They kissed for a few minutes as Karl laid back and took in the action enjoying the sensation of Linda’s cunt wrapped around his hard cock. Robert broke the kiss and gently pushed Linda forward bringing her tits to Karl’s face. He latched on to Linda’s right tit as he massaged the other causing her to moan.

Robert slid down bringing his face to Linda’s ass taking her cheeks in his hands and opening her up exposing her tight brown hole. He stuck his tongue out and licked her ass causing her to jump. Karl held her tight as he kept sucking on her tits. He felt Robert’s breath close to his cock as Robert kept kissing, nibbling and licking Linda’s sweet asshole.

Robert sat up lifting Linda off of Karl’s cock. Once Linda’s fuckhole was void of Karl’s meat, Robert inserted his hard cock coating it with the fuck juices. He pumped her a few times making sure his cock was coated before pulling out, pushing Linda forward again causing her to jut her ass up in the air giving him full access to her backside.

Aside from taking Robert’s fingers up her ass a week ago, Linda was an anal cherry but she wouldn’t be after today. Robert felt her tense up and smacked her hard. He instructed her to take Sgt. Miller’s cock up her cunt and remain still. She did as she was told.

Robert knew she was an anal virgin and would take it slow so she could learn to like taking it up the ass. He had more plans for this hot housewife. Robert pushed forward feeding her his thick head allowing her to get used to it.

Linda felt pain and discomfort at her backside but tried concentrating on Karl’s cock, working her muscles, sucking his cock as Karl kissed her. Karl pinched her nipples harder hoping the pain would distract her even more. Robert pulled back completely and Linda felt awkwardly empty. He spit on her asshole and on his cock and then inserted it back in feeding her a couple more inches of his thick meat. Although Linda felt some discomfort, she was beginning to enjoy the feeling of the double penetration.

Sgt. Miller kept making sweet love to her mouth kissing her passionately as he lightly pistoned in and out of her sweet hole while massaging her tits and pinching her nipples to distract her. Robert took it slow and soon Linda had two thick cocks up her nasty holes and she broke the kiss as she came loud and hard creaming all over Sgt. Miller’s dick. She felt so full, so used, so cheap and yet so fucking happy. Robert and Karl let her enjoy her explosion before engaging in a rhythmic fuck, Robert pushing in as Linda rose up from Karl’s cock.

Linda was crazy with lust yelling obscenities, “Fuck me you bastards. Give me your cocks…. oh fuck yes, fuck my cunt and ass!! Give me mooooooore!! Oh fuck yes!! Use me! Use my mommy hole, cum deep in me… knock me up you crazy fuckers!!!”

Robert and Karl fucked her harder and soon Linda’s encouragement had them both on the brink. Karl shot first pumping his potent seed up Linda’s fertile fuckhole for the second time in less than an hour as she came once more, clenching her sexy asshole. Robert slammed hard into her as he coated her bowels with his cream. He pumped a couple more times before pulling out causing his man milk to leak out of her ass.

She was spent as she lay on Sgt. Miller nodding off. Karl let her rest as he caressed her hair and face while running his other hand down to her ass caressing it lightly.

Robert sat back letting Linda rest up. After a while he stopped the camera and went over to Linda. He and Karl looked at each other and smiled. They were both sexually satisfied and it was safe to say Linda was too.

Robert ran his hand up and down Linda’s back causing her to stir. She lazily opened her eyes and looked at Robert who stood there with his flaccid member swinging between his legs.

He looked at her with a smile and said, “Hey, Baby, looks like you got screwed royally.”

She nodded and smiled still in a stupor. She reached out and grabbed Robert’s cock, massaging it at the same time bringing him closer to her. He was surprised she was going to take him in her mouth being he’d just been up her ass, but she didn’t seem to care. She stuck her tongue out in anticipation. He went along for the ride.

Karl looked down as Linda licked the crown on Robert’s cock and thought, ‘this bitch is really nasty.’ The thought turned him on and soon Linda was bopping up and down on Robert’s dick, moaning as the whole nasty idea turned her on terribly. Robert moved her off Sgt. Miller pulling her down to her knees. She licked his pole as if she were licking an ice cream cone looking up at Robert with a shit-eating smile on her face. The idea of having turned a sweet, innocent, loyal housewife into a cheap, dirty skank made him feel so powerful and masculine. He was beaming.

Karl announced he was going upstairs to take a shower and Robert told him where to find the master bedroom and soon Karl was off and the shower was running. Robert decided it was time to take the party upstairs and give this loving wife a good romp on her bed. He figured Karl would be up to it so he pulled her off his dick and helped her up telling her they would continue upstairs. She readily agreed relishing in the thought that Robert would again take her in her marital bed. The idea stirred deep-seeded, dark emotions.

Karl was toweling off and exiting the bathroom as they reached the bedroom and Robert instructed Linda to open up the window shades. She looked confused but didn’t refuse although she was a bit hesitant being all three were naked and the neighbors directly behind them could clearly see into the bedroom. As she was almost done opening the last shade Robert came up behind her and hugged her midsection with his left hand bringing his right arm above her right shoulder taking her face in his hand and turning her so she could kiss him.

They were both directly in front of the unobstructed window. Linda didn’t know the neighbors behind her but just the fact that she could be seen scared her yet excited her terribly. Robert brought his left hand up to her tits and started massaging them and pulling on her erect nipples all the while kissing her passionately and gyrating his hips drilling his cock into her ass crack. This was all part of his plan to push her to the limit, to see how far she would go and expose her as much as he could. It was clear to him she would stop at nothing.

He turned her around without breaking the passionate kiss as his hands roamed her ass and back. He waved Karl over and soon Linda was sandwiched between two hunky and handsome men. Karl was kissing her neck as Robert continued his assault on her sensuous mouth all the while both men caressed her all over. This hot action lasted for quite a while before Robert instructed her to assume the position facing out and plaster her tits against the window.

She did as was instructed and she detected activity in the other houses although at that very moment she didn’t care. Karl decided to watch the action from the bed. He lay down and started stroking his cock and massaging his balls.

Over by the window, Robert sunk to his knees behind Linda and parted her ass cheeks wide diving in to her ass, giving her the rimming of a lifetime. She just about lost it. She kept her position with her tits plastered against the window as Robert licked, tickled and nibbled in and around her asshole.

In the distance she saw a young neighbor watering his backyard and soon she had his attention. He was glued to the action. He knew Linda was being pleasured. She didn’t care; in fact, it excited her to know this total stranger was fixated on her.

“He’s looooking at meee,” she moaned in a huff. Robert heard her but didn’t mind her. Karl got up from the bed and stood behind Robert and Linda.

“Oh, I see you have an admirer. Young guy, maybe in his 20s… why you hot MILF!! You enjoy showing off your goods to young men, don’t you?”

She whimpered a weak, “yes”.

Karl then instructed Linda to play with her tits… to pinch and pull on her erect nipples. She did as was instructed. She was then told to make eye contact with the neighbor and seduce him with her mouth. She followed directions running her tongue along her top lip, blowing him kisses. The neighbor, a young college student, was now waving at her. She waved back.

Robert decided it was time for some hotter action so he got up, stood to Linda’s right then brought her mouth down on his cock by her hair, making eye contact with the young neighbor and giving him a thumb’s up.

Karl positioned himself behind Linda and inserted his cock in her wet cunt. The neighbor was now seeing Linda enjoying two cocks.

Karl pumped Linda a few times before pulling out and aiming his cock at her asshole. It was his turn to enjoy her brown charm. He parted her cheeks and his cockhead went in easily.

She moaned. Robert was using her hair to bob her head up and down on his cock. Karl pulled out and reinserted his cock this time feeding her a few more inches. This set Linda on fire. She wondered why she’d waited so long to experiment and enjoy a cock up her ass. This was pure heaven. She pushed back feeding herself the rest of Karl’s cock. He moaned as his cock slipped in her tight hole, fitting him like a glove.

Soon Karl was humping her ass for all it was worth. She liked it hard and rough and he was willing to give it to her. The neighbor was soon forgotten and the action was moved to the bed. The rest of the afternoon was spent pleasuring Linda on her marital bed.

Linda asked them to pull out and spray their cum all over the bed sheets and pillow case for her husband to unknowingly enjoy. Robert and Karl took pleasure in accommodating her request.

After Robert and Karl left Linda removed the pillowcase from her husband Tony’s pillow and wiped her well-fucked pussy clean. That night as Tony lay down from a hard day’s work he smelled a funky odor and although familiar he couldn’t quite place a finger on it. His naked wife lay next to him but he was too tired to think of sex. Things at the office were pretty hectic. He needed his rest. Sex would have to wait… for him at least because his naked wife’s used cunt and ass were full of cum.

Continue.. The seduction of a sweet, loving Mom

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