Watching mom’s sexual affair as I masturbated

Bina Mishra is here to narrate a true incidence as she was unmarried and living with her family members in dad ,a govt.employ as my brother Jeet is younger to me and I am studying in B.A in a local college. My mom Julie is a gorgeous lady ,as incidence backs 6 years ,she is in her mid-thirties ,as her whiteish complexion with tall figure of 5’5 feet and figure of 34-26-36 makes her impressive ,her lovely boobs are big but looks like tight pairs of papaya as her sexy round dome shaped ass swings when she walks it’s a nice evening ,my dad as well as brother is out of town and we mom and daughter are in home.I was just 20 years as I lost my virginity to my younger brother Jeet as he seduced me after looking me nude as it was a coincidence as I walked nude to my bedroom after having a nice bath and my doors were closed but not locked ,so he came there and got my nude look and than our physical love session my mom Julie is sitting in balcony with a cup of coffee,I walked to him and joined him in drinking coffee.

Our home have front faced entry as well as all three rooms have backdoor entry also and opens in the home’s backyard.we both have our coffee as mom walked in kitchen to prepare meals for us ,as I came to know from someone that my mom Julie is in illicit relationship with a neighbourhood guy ,much younger to him and I can recognise Rahul ,a 27-28 years guy with charming face ,his physique is attractive as he is tall and have well built mom is a social drinker as I know her habit of drinking wine quite often and as darks prevailed at 08:20 pm ,she walked in my room and asked……..

“feeling too tired ,so I want to have bath and rest
(Bina)ok mom ,I will have my meals .”


And she walked away ,her behaviour is showing her anxiety as well as desires of physical love.I want to watch him with a young guy,how she loves a young guy and after 15-20 minutes ,I closed my door as I left my room from backdoor and steps in backyard,now going towards her room’s there is dark ,some light is coming from street I moved towards her windows ,I can see it partially open,now looks inside my mom’s she is sitting on chair with a glass full of wine,drinking it as her sexy body is glittering in her light blue gawn.I walked to my bedroom as I can see no one in her bedroom,now I am on my bed as it’s 09:45 pm ,thinking about my dinner ,I walked to kitchen and took my meals in a plate as I frisked in my I took my meals as my mind is still on my mom’s indecent affairs tonight ,but when things will start ,it’s after having my meals ,I washed my hand and put my dirty plate in kitchen,now walked towards my mom’s bedroom ,putting my ears on door as she is talking to someone………

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“sure my sweet heart ,come inside after 15-20 minutes
(Mom)ok let me see Bina ,either she is sleeping or not .”

And I walked fast to my room , locked the door and slept on bed ,after 5 minutes ,mom is shouting…………

“Bina …Bina….are you sleeping?…….have eaten your meals.”

As I am voiceless giving him the view of my fast sleep as I am still on bed,later on I waited for 15 minutes ,than walked out of my room to I am near partially opened windows,now looking inside ,I can see Rahul sitting on chair as he is drinking wine and my mom Julie is unbuttoning his shirt as she is sitting too close on bed’s my eyes are inside my mom’s room and in dark they can’t see me but I am watching them having Rahul put his glass on table and stand infront of my mom Julie,my mom started removing his jeans and she have pulled down it to legs ,as I can see Rahul’s bulge on undies.julie ,looking at him, pulled down his undies as I got the look of Rahul’s penis,longer ….thicker…..stronger than my brother jeet’s Julie is holding his semi erected penis as she started putting her lips on his thigh and Rahul smiled……..”darling ,you are going to suck my cock first
(Julie)is there any problems in it?

And Rahul put his hand on my mom’s arms as he made him stand ,while standing near bed ,Rahul hold him as he is putting his lips on my mom’s face.He is kissing his lovely face to lips as I can see his hand on my mom’s back ,as things went fast ,he took her lip in his mouth to suck as he is in search of a lock of Rahul got my mom’s long tongue in his mouth as he is sucking it as my mom opened the lashes of her gawn ,my curiosity to see him nude is still awaiting and Rahul left her tongue as she pushed him on I can see my mom’s front faced gawn in two parts as Rahul is lying on bed and like a horny lady ,my mom removed her gawn and her lovely boobs with long browenish nipples ,tummy to waist are nude as she sits near his my eyes are getting clear visibility of them ,mom leaned her face on penis and hold it as she is kissing it ,while Rahul is pressing her saggy boobs hardly and Julie started rubbing it’s glans on her face as she put it on nose to smell hard,than her rossy lips are getting the touch of glans ,looks like a lip liner for lady and than Julie opened his mouth as she got his erected cock in her my pussy is itching as I put my gawn up and than moved my hand in it as I am rubbing my vagina with my palm,mom is sucking his penis wildly and I pushed my long finger in vagina as watching their sexual acts are making me hot and my mom is sucking cock hard as her boobs are getting massaged and she is screaming

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“uuhh yumm aahh ” as Rahul put his hand on my mom’s hairs ,now he started fucking Julie’s mouth with his long cock and he is shouting”uuhh aahh uumm,suck my long cock you bitch.”

And later on ,mom left his penis and walked inside vagina got horny but cock is not available for my cunt as I have to satisfy my vagina with my finger I stopped fingering as I am waiting for my mom’s arrival in bedroom.later on ,she is back as Rahul knelt him on bed as her ass is towards window’s Julie’s sexy ass is in my nude eyes as rahul sits there and slapped my mom’s big bum and than put his finger on vagina as he made it open and her glittering insight of vagina is nude but Rahul put his tongue in her flexible vagina ,as he is licking my mom’s vagina fast ,I put my long fingers in my cunt as I started screwing it fast and like a stray dog,Rahul’s long tongue is fucking my mom’s cunt as his hand is on her saggy boobs ,mom is screaming in pleasure”oohh aahh Rahul fuck me soon ,I need fuck soon.” And Rahul licked her cunt as he hold his cock and pushing hard in her vagina,now I can see his monestar cock going inside my mom’s vagina as she shouted”oohh aahh it’s hard fuck till I die.”

As my vagina is getting horny ,I can see my mom’s ass moving fast , standing near mom’s room windows ,looking inside as my mom started shouting”uuhh aahh Rahul I will cum soon.”

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And Rahul is pounding her flexible vagina with speed and power ,lastly I can see Rahul’s big penis out of my mom’s cunt as he put his tongue to lick her vaginal cum .after a while,mom slept on bed as I can see Rahul sitting inbetween her thighs as he hold his penis and now I can only see his long cock vanishing inside her vagina and Rahul is pumping her cunt while pressing her boobs and my mom is screaming”uuhh aahh fuck hard hard my lovely guy.” And now Rahul is on my mom’s top as I can see him fucking her vagina while Julie started bouncing her big butts,it’s a midnight dark as I am pleasing myself and he is fucking hard my mom ,as he shouted”oohh have my cum you bitch” and I guess Rahul have ejaculated sperms in my mom’s vagina but after a while,Rahul woke up and pushed his cock in my mom’s mouth ,she sucked it to taste it’s cum .now my vagina is wet and I walked to my room as I slept after watching live sex show of my mom with a younger guy Rahul.

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