A wife and her mother train a young husband well

Sex stories, A wife and her mother train a young husband well. When Margie’s mother moves into the neighborhood, the two woman devise a plan to turn her young groom into the perfect pussy sucking husband. (Fdom, huml, Cuck,) 

*** The Marital Bed ***

Billy lay back in the king size bed, his stiff cock buried up his pretty little wife’s warm velvet pussy. His hands rested on her full lush hips, the pleasing curves pulsing under his fingers. She gyrated her milking pussy on his cock, much to his delight. He was so in love with his wife of 6 months. Gods but she had a sweet velvet pussy, and such a spunky round ass.


He couldn’t believe his good luck when Marge had said yes to his marriage proposal. Sure, she was only 22, with him 34, but that was no matter, they were in love. Her chestnut brown hair was cut in bangs across her forehead. The fine straight hair framed her adorable face, then flowed down across her breasts. Her tits bounced gently as she rocked back and forth. His hands moved up to squeeze the two ripe melons that swung in his face.

She bit her lip as he sucked on her stiff nipples. She had a soft, pretty face, with a little nose and beautiful blue eyes. She humped her pleasure box on his straining cock, and panted as she rode. More rotating, more grinding. He felt the first stirrings of cum begin to churn in his balls.

For Margie, the first few months of marriage had been an adjustment, though she had done a good job of hiding it from her young groom. She loved him. She was trying to love him. But still, there was still something that torn at her. “Damn that Kevin Hardin,” she thought to herself, “he ruined me!”

She closed her eyes and imagined the beautiful cock of her ex-boyfriend. Her pussy tingled at the thought. “What a log of a cock,” she mused to herself. He would never amount to much, she knew that, but oh what a glorious specimen of man-cock had hung between the big man’s legs.

She would never forget the way that large man had stretched and filled her aching pussy. She remembered watching, mouth agape, as the big jock sawed his 10 inch monster cock in and out of her tight little hole. His strong hands held her little legs pinned back to her ears while he rammed his dick in and out, over and over again. Finally, when the brute’s entire length of giant dick had disappeared up her stretched pussy, he had let out a loud lusty groan and emptied his heavy balls, filling her to the brim with his thick, sticky semen load. It was in that same moment she had exploded in the most mind blowing orgasm of her young life. A wave of pleasure flowed through her unlike any she had ever known, before or since. Marge sighed at the memory. She couldn’t help it. She missed that big huge cock.

“AHHH YES, OOOOH,” Billy stiffed and felt the spasms shake through his body. His dick suddenly pulsed and spurted inside the bouncing young girl. Marge smiled down at her cumming, grunting husband, squirming beneath her.

“Billy wasn’t so bad,” she thought to herself, He was a good provider. He had a good job as well as some old family money that had helped buy their new house. He didn’t even complain when her mother decided to purchase a house just down the street. True, his 6 and ½ inch dick could never touch the places inside her that Kevin Hardin’s giant cock could, but, as she had discovered, he did have some other talents.

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“Umm, did that feel good, baby?” she smiled and brought her face close to his, his spent cock still trapped inside her, though losing its girth rapidly.

“Oh god yes, baby, uum, so good,” Billy’s lips met hers and they kissed, passionately at first then slower, more sensuous.

“Uuumm good, Billy,” she paused and gently brushed her hair back, ” but my pussy’s gonna need some of that special attention from you, do you mind?” Margie’s pussy was hot and on the brink, mostly from the memory of that giant dick. She didn’t wait for his reply.

The spunky girl suddenly lifted off his dick and swung her body around. One of her sexy legs crossed over his face. Billy watched his wife’s adorable round ass descending on his face. He barely had a chance to see the puddle of white between the pretty pink lips. She leaned back and sat up straight. Billy’s face was covered with his beautiful young wife’s ass and his mouth was pressed tight against her hot sticky wet pussy. He felt her soft thighs grip the sides of his head. His nose seemed to be a perfect fit between the cheeks of her butt. He grabbed her hips and pulled her to his face. He began sucking away and snaking his tongue up into her hairy pussy while his pretty little wife groaned her approval.

“Yes baby, good, oh suck me. Do it baby, suck my..suck…oh yes, there that’s good.” Marge began to grind her pussy up and down, then around and around as she gyrated on his face.

She closed her eyes and remembered herself, on her knees, sucking the tip of Kevin’s beautiful fat cock. Her little lips stretched tight over the bulging head. She had looked straight into his eyes as she sucked his dick. Kevin just smiled down at her the entire time. She had felt like such a slut.

For Billy, his young wife had been the first woman ever to sit on his face. All of his previous girlfriends had been to shy and inhibited to do such a thing. And Billy had come to love the wanton act. He loved the view. The beautiful roundness of her butt cheeks, the gentle curve of her back, her long brown hair that fell down. It was such a surrender to her womanhood, her femininity, his face trapped under her adorable ass. The musky smell was an aphrodisiac. Even the thought of lapping up his own come,excited the man. Anything for his beautiful young bride.

Margie giggled when she saw his dick slowly rising up again. “You like this, I see,” she purred, “even if my pussy is a little bit of a mess,” more giggles. She could only hear groans from her dear husband.

She finally leaned forward. Billy felt the warm wet mouth engulf the head of his dick.

“Ummm,” he croaked. Her sucking lips worked up and down the shaft slowly while her loving husband mouthed her hairy little beaver with even more fervor. She began stroking his balls with her little hands.

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The young couple stayed locked in the hot 69 for as long as needed. Soon Margie heard her husband groan and felt the dick pulse between her lips. He wailed like a dying man, and her mouth filled with his salty, sticky seed.

Just as she had done with with Kevin Hardin that night, she swallowed the load down, but it wasn’t the same. For one thing–it wasn’t near as much. And she didn’t feel like the dirty little whore—the way she felt when Kevin had grunted and creamed his big cum load between her cock sucking lips.

“OH,” the thought made her wet. Marge sat back up on her husbands face. Her hands were on her hips and she rotated her little butt round and round.


She gyrated her wet pussy wildly on her husband’s sucking mouth, and imagined Kevin’s huge dick pounding in and out of her tight little hole.

“—OOOOH! YES! YES! AHHHH!!” She finally enjoyed the nice deep come she had needed so badly.

*** Doris ***

Billy entered the kitchen to find the two women seated at the kitchen table, sipping their pecan coffee. The strong aroma of the coffee filled the Saturday morning. He got the sense he had interrupted something. “Well, it’s just the way things have to be sometimes, dear,” Mrs. Gaithway broke off.

Doris Gaithway had certainly passed on many of her good looks to her daughter. Her dirty blonde hair was thicker and more wavy than Marge’s but you could see the resemblance in their faces. Both women had small upturned noses and beautifully feminine full lips; classic beauties. Doris was a few inches taller, however, in fact she was taller than Billy.

The older woman still flaunted a very sexy mature body, with the few extra pounds that time will bring, but she carried them well on her tall frame. She liked to dress a little trashy, and talk a little trashy too, a throwback to her country roots, Billy always thought. Her black tights stretched over her big ass and long full legs. She looked younger than her years and Billy had seen her full figure turn the heads of men her daughter’s age.

“I was just telling Mother about what we talked about last night, Billy,” Margie said in a matter-of-fact tone. One of the things that always bothered Billy was the way his wife seemed to have no secrets from her mother. But this was shocking. He couldn’t believe she would actually talk about “that,” even with their close relationship.

“What? What are you talking about, Marge,” Billy said, trying to cover, pretending to be checking the refrigerator.

“You know, honey, how you always like it when I sit on your face after you’ve fucked me.” Billy looked up to see both women looking directly at him. Doris had a little grin on her face. There was an awkward silence before Doris spoke up.

“Now Billy, there’s nothing to be ashamed of, lots of men enjoy such things. My first husband Ernie developed a real knack for it!” she added.

Billy looked up, his mouth open, he felt his face become flustered.

“Mom’s got some good advice for us, baby, since she’s had so much experience with this kind of thing. ” Marge said. “I always say, you have to listen to the voice of experience.” Marge and her mom smiled at each other.

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Again Doris broke the awkward pause. “It’s a little something I’ve written up, for the two of you, Billy. A few rules I had with my first husband. I’d like you to read it carefully. I know my Ernie grew to just LOVE our. . . . arrangement,” she smiled at the thought. “Billy I think you’ll find for men like you, it can be the most rewarding way to build a marriage.”

“Men like me? What? What do you mean?”

Marge set the envelope with Billy’s name on it, on the counter. “You can read it while we’re gone, dear.” His wife said. “We’re going shopping for a few hours.” She turned her attention back to her mother. “Thank you so much for doing that for us, Mom, that’s sweet of you.”

“Oh it’s no problem, dear. And if you’d like, maybe Billy and I could spend a little quality time together, so I can see how he’s progressing. I’d be glad to help out in any way I can.”

“Oh would you?” Marge seemed to love the idea, “That would be great.” Billy heard the two women excitedly discussing the matter as they headed out the door and out to the car. He listened to the car pull out of the driveway, then fade off down the street.

He looked at the envelope on the counter. He torn open the envelope and unfolded the paper. “What the hell,” he mumbled to himself. His jaw hit the ground and his heart began to beat faster. He read the line typed across the top of the page.


*** Quick Trip to the Supermarket ***

Marge had already had a busy day. She had worked late at her school, then had to attend a parent teacher meeting, then had to stop at the grocery store on her way home. “What a pain in the ass,” she thought to herself as she made her way through the busy market.

In the back of her mind was “the arrangement” her mother had suggested. She wasn’t sure about her mother’s proposal, but it did sound interesting. The funny thing had been the way Billy had reacted. He was angry at first, but as they had discussed the idea, his dick had grown hard as a rock. They’d have to talk about it some more. Right now, she just wanted to get out of this damn store.

She was determined to only get a few things, but that that was easier said than done at the WDJ supermarket. Her basket filled with items, in spite of herself. The store was a mess, packed with people shopping after work. She just had to make one more trip across the store, for the milk she had forgotten, then she could go home. As she reached in for the gallon of milk, she heard the man’s deep voice behind her.

“Hey Beautiful, fancy seeing you here!”

“Who the hell was this?” she thought to herself. “Great, now I get to fend off some come on from some loser in the store,” she thought as she turned around warily.

The man stood with a huge grin on his face. Her mouth fell open and her eyes lit up when she saw the tall handsome black man standing in front of her.

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