Young Indian boy’s sexual adventure with his girlfriend and sister

Young Indian boy’s sexual adventure with his girlfriend and sister… My name is Rajesh Aiyer. I am 30 years old working in a multinational company in Mumbai. I am cheerfully hitched to Pari who is 28 years old and works as an interior designer in Mumbai. It’s just been a year since we got married and on mutual consent we decided we would expand our family only when we are financially stable. We live in a leased apartment in Mumbai and are occupied in our work life.

I am writing this story to share my sexual experience which happened to me in the last decade. I am changing the identities and names of the people in this story to respect their privacy, likewise parts of the story which I believe ought to have occurred than the reality.

It began 10 years back, when I was 20 years old and was pursuing my Bachelors Degree in Computer science engineering in a city called Coimbatore in South India. My dad is a Bank official and my mom is a house maker. I have an elder sister named Richa who was pursuing MD in Medicine during that time. Let me tell you something about me, I am average build, moderately fair and like to keep myself fit. During those days, I had grown long hair and always tied it with a knot. The style was trending back then and girls dig it. I was still virgin then and loved watching porn and read erotic stories. I jacked off on an average of 3 times a week and I cum a lot when I climax. My cock is an average 7 inch, like the most of us have but it is its knob that is unusually thick. It is uncircumcised with thick green veins running its whole length. I am known to be cool kid around my neighborhood. I like to talk a lot and I knew how and when a charm a women, but when it comes to getting laid I was a loser.


Let me give you the structural details of the apartment I live in and the neighbors around me. This is important as I intend to keep these characters engaged in the narration that follow after this story. We lived in an apartment called ‘HAPPY HOMES’ which is a three storey building. Two flats in every floor which is separated by stairs in the centre. We had a terrace to the apartment which can be entered through the second floor with a help of a ladder. At the end of the ladder is a small metal door which has a vertical opening. The terrace is normally prohibited for anyone because the terrace does not have any protective closures. It just has two water tanks and a small passage between the two tanks which will leads to a small area that is normally hidden from direct view. The passage is a narrow one and one would have to bend down and crawl to get to the small open zone. Behind this open zone is a small wall of 6 feet which is the only protective edge in the entire terrace. This small open zone was our hang out place and could accommodate 4 people at a time. The area is surrounded by walls on either side of the small sneaky entrance, 6 feet wall behind and was open in the top. The apartment management felt that the terrace has no safe edges and decided to keep the metal door bolted and the keys to the same was only with Mr. Thangappa, the security guard of the apartment. ‘Happy Homes’ is an apartment filled with greenery around it. From the main road one would not be able to get the direct view of the apartments. From the main gate to the apartments, the pathway is surrounded with lush green tress and a small park .The apartment has its own parking lot towards the back of the apartment. The parking lot has six car sheds for the residents of the apartment. From the corner of the parking lot leads a small passage to the generator room which is around 60 meters away from the apartment. The generator room is attached with a small one bedroom area for Mr. Thangappa.

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Our apartment as mentioned is a 3 storey building which has two flats every floor. I will be giving you the details of the people who lived in the apartment at that point of time.


Ground level

Ground level flats were (G-A) that was towards the left of the entrance to the building and (G-B) towards the right.

G-A was occupied by Mrs. Heena Banu, aged 55, a retired government servant with 3 daughters and 2 sons. Her husband died after a tragic road accident. Her Eldest daughter is Mrs. Nazeema Banu aged 28, married with a daughter of three years Riyana. Nazeema’s husband Mr. Masoom was in the Middle East and did not return after he left. Farooq, aged 25 is the eldest son working in a clothing showroom. Second daughter Ms. Noora Banu, aged 23 worked as a front desk attendee in a hospital. Third daughter Ms. Haseena Banu, aged 21 failed her 10th grade and was at home ever since. Youngest son Mr. Shabaz, aged 20 studied Engineering with me in the same college that I studied.

G-B was occupied by Mr. and Mrs. Stany D’souza, a newly wedded couple. Mr. Stany, aged 32 owns a travel agency and Mrs. Teena D’souza, aged 27 was a house wife.

First Floor

First floor flats were (F-A) that was towards the left of the stairs and (F-B) towards the right.

F-A was occupied by Mr. and Mrs. Mukunda Aiyer. That’s my father who is a retired Bank manager aged 58 and my mother is Mrs. Sukanya Aiyer aged 50, homemaker. My father was also the president of the apartment ‘Happy Homes’ and was responsible for the maintenance of the apartment. My sister is Ms. Richa Aiyer, aged 24 and I’m Rajesh Aiyer, aged 20.

F-B is a vacant flat (the previous owner hanged himself there, hence difficult to find a new tenant). My dad has the keys to this flat.

Second floor

Second floor flats were (S-A) towards the left of the stairs and (S-B) towards the right.

S-A was occupied by Mr. and Mrs. Vasantha Krishna. Mr. Vasantha Krishna, aged 52 was a government employee in the postal service. He was a drunkard and his wife Mrs. Asha, aged 39 was a homemaker. They have a son Arun, aged 19 who was studying arts in a local college.

S-B was occupied by Mrs. Seema, aged 37. She was divorced and lives with her daughter Ms. Shifali, aged 18. She is pursuing bachelor’s degree in Science. Mrs. Seema works as an HR manager for a marketing firm.

Summer of 2008

I was always with Shabaz and Arun and we were all of the same age group. We were the trio of the ‘Happy Homes’. We used to share all the things that happened amongst us and all of us were prude when it comes to sex. Shabaz was very skinny and fair. Arun on the other hand was build like a bull. He was tall, dark but nowhere near handsome. He had a foul mouth which came after his father Mr. Vasantha, who would often come back from work drunk and would fight with his mother Mrs. Asha. The very environment in which he was brought up was harsh and that in turn replicated in his behavior.

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Arun and I owned Motorbike. Shabaz would always hop on my bike and we three would ride our bikes towards the nearest Women’s College. We would always park our bikes opposite to the college main gate and drool over every girl that passes by. We would then comment on their body structure, ogle at them shamelessly and would wink our eyes at them when our eye contact met. This was our daily routine in the evenings.

We saw a women pass by us in a black sari which was tied was below her naval. She must be one of the young professors in the college, only they wore saris. She had a backless blouse and she definitely knew how to sway that ass when she walked. Her bra straps were see through and were tightly held to her skin.

“Aaaah. I just want to rip her clothes off and fuck that big ass day and night,” said Arun rubbing his dick over his pants right in the public. The outline of his large member was visible outside his pant. It did not matter to him if anyone would be watching his public display of lust; he never really cared what others thought about him.

“Have some decency bro, this is a public place. Behave yourself,” said Shabaz who was now embarrassed of his friends behavior.

“You scary punk, you don’t get to tell me what to do and what not to,” said angry Arun. He then lit a cigarette and started smoking in open. His very look would scare off any women. The cigarette in his hand made it worse.

“Cool down brothers. We are here cool off our eyes. Look at all those young ripe melons around you. Watch them jiggle and enjoy the god’s crazy creations,” I said laughing lightly and lightening the mood there.

“Hmmm yeah, we are 20 years old and still virgins. Watching these sexy girls just makes me horny. I can’t even jack off at home, my sisters are always around. They would not let me use bathroom more than 15 min, they would start asking me what I was doing for so long. This is just frustrating” said Shabaz who was now visibly frustrated.

Amidst our conversation, my eyes were fixed on the main gate of the college. I was waiting for her, the one who skips my heartbeat every time I see her. Right then I saw her; she was walking out of the main gate of the college. Just before she turned towards the bus stand, she looked towards us and smiled. She had few books in her hand and carried a side bag. She was short and has amazing assets. She was wearing green salwaar kameez which showed her fit body structure. She has amazing boobs and her salwaar was finding it very difficult to keep them confined within them. She wore white tight pants. The outline of her ass could be seen clearly. She definitely was prick tease. She just swayed her ass as she walked towards the nearest bus stop. I just stood there watching her, and I knew her smile was only meant for me.

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“Hey. Did you just see that? Shifali smiled at me!” said a excited Arun who threw his cigarette away and blew the last smoke with swag. I tried to control my giggle as I knew that smile was never meant for him. What I never told Shabaz and Arun is that Shifali would always text me. She was close to my sister Richa and I managed to take her phone number from my sister’s phone.

“Yeah Right,” I said mocking Arun. Shabaz giggled.

“Look you punks. I’m going to offer her a bike ride home. Let’s see who really is a loser here,” said Arun who quickly kick started his bike and went towards the bus stand where Shifali was now waiting for the bus.

“He is going to make a joke on himself,” said Shabaz. “Let’s just wait and watch what happens,” I said and we watched him eagerly to see what would happen.

Arun drove his bike towards the bus stop where Shifali was standing. We saw them talking to each other. I saw how Shifali’s facial expression changed. Arun must have asked her something inappropriate. Then we saw those exchanging words. Finally we saw Shifali spat on the floor as a sign of disgust. Luckily for her the bus came and she boarded the bus and left. We saw how other girls in the bus stand looked at Arun with disgust.

“Oh my! Arun will kill me if I pull his leg now,” said Shabaz. “You better be silent now,” I told him.

We saw an angry Arun riding his bike towards us. “That fat fucking bitch! I’m going to fuck her so bad,” said Arun who was now panting hard and face visibly angry. “She stays right next to my flat! Never ever does she see my face? She called me Black bull, Black fucking bull. That arrogant mother fucking bitch, she will have it for this. And you two, if you ever talk anything about what happened today, I’m going to rip your head off,” said a very angry Arun.

“OK, OK, chill. We aren’t going to tell anyone anything. We are friends. Remember,” I said consoling Arun.

“I want to booze today! I need it badly,” said frustrated Arun.

“Yeah, it’s been some time we had alcohol,” said Shabaz.

“Oh k then, we will meet up at 7:30pm in our hangout spot -the terrace. But who will get the booze?” I asked them

“It’s on me today,” said Arun.

“But the keys to bolted door of terrace is with Thangappa,” said Shabaz.

“I borrowed the keys from Thangappa yesterday,” answered Arun.

“Cool! Let’s get back to our home and meet up later. Arun, would you take Shabaz along with you? I need to use the cyber café for my project work in college,” I told them.

“Oh k, But don’t be late,” said Arun who started the bike. Shabaz hopped along and they left. Once they left I quickly took out my phone and texted Shifali. I was eager to know what happened in the bus stand with Arun.

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